Make Traveling Easier with TSA Pre-Check!

Have you ever underestimated how long it would take to get through airport security? Running through a terminal, trying to get your bag zipped and your shoes back on, counting down the seconds until the final call for boarding?

There’s a simple way to avoid those frazzled feelings and missed flights; and, it doesn’t involve waking up 5 hours early.

TSA Pre-Check!

Missouri’s Mackenzie Davidson told us that when she met her husband, he loved using TSA Pre-Check, but she had never used the program before. After taking just one trip together by plane, Mackenzie could already see the benefits. While her husband relaxed in airport coffee shops and restaurants, she was stuck in security lines for more than 2 hours each way. Needless to say, Mackenzie was ready to sign up for TSA Pre-Check after that!

Luckily for Mackenzie, it only takes three simple steps to apply for TSA Pre-Check with Club Carlson:

  • Step1: Redeem 65,000 Gold Points for the TSA Pre-Check authorization code. Upon redemption, 65,000 points will be deducted from your account. You will receive an email with your authorization code after redemption of points
  • Step 2: Apply for TSA Pre-Check 
  • Step 3: Schedule your screening appointment

Rather than paying $85 to apply for TSA Pre-Check, Club Carlson members can redeem 65,000 Gold Points to cover the cost! Learn more at

Once you get approved, you can enjoy the benefits of TSA Pre-Check for 5 years before having to reapply.

Your average wait time at airport security will drop to 5 minutes, you can keep your shoes on and you won’t have to struggle to take your laptop or liquids out of your bags ever again.

Save yourself time and stress when traveling by plane. Apply for TSA Pre-Check using your Club Carlson Gold Points now. We promise you won’t regret it!

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