The Ultimate Airport Time Savers: TSA Precheck and More

Please remove your shoes. And your belt. And your jacket. And don’t forget to remove your laptop.

From the long lines to cumbersome rules, even the most patient travelers can lose their patience while traveling through the airport. And with the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) rules constantly evolving – are you allowed 3.4 ounces in your carry-on or 3.5? – it can be difficult to maneuver the stressful labyrinth of travel regulations. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can do to save time and stress while traveling through the airport.

Check in early online

Nearly every airline these days offers early check-in through both websites and mobile apps. Checking in online the day before will save you from having to wait in yet another line at the airport. After all, who couldn’t use one less line?

Decide on parking

You’re only going on a short trip, so you’ve decided to park at the airport. But where to park? Many airports and independent companies have different parking lots with different prices, depending on where the lot is located and whether it’s covered or not. Planning your parking ahead of time will save you both money and a potential headache.

Know what you can’t bring

Due to the modern world we live in and changing security risks, the TSA’s rules governing what you can’t bring on a plane change from time to time. Can you bring that baby formula? Are you allowed to have a lock on your carry-on? Before flying, be sure to review the TSA’s current rules and tips at

Limit your accessories

You may be the savviest dresser, but unfortunately, passing through airport security means you’ll have to remove any metal jewelry, along with scarves, belts, jackets, and your shoes. Save time and frustration by dressing as simply as possible.

Save time with TSA Precheck

Wish you could get through that security line easier? You can, with the Transportation Security Administration’s “TSA Precheck”. A lifesaver for frequent travelers, TSA Precheck allows pre-screened travelers to get through airport security hassle-free. For most travelers, this traveling perk costs $85, but for Club Carlson members, this traveling perk won’t cost you a dime! Club Carlson members can now redeem 60,000 points to cover the cost of TSA Precheck. For more information, visit

Remember: planning ahead will save you time and stress in the end. Good luck on your airport travels and bon voyage!


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