10 Ways You Know You’re A Business Traveling Guru

Are you more comfortable in a hotel room than your own home? Do the words “complimentary Wifi” seem to inexplicably lift your spirits? Have you lost track of which time zone you’re in on more than one occasion? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you might just be a guru of business travel. But, if you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you are a world-class business traveler, then perhaps these ten signs will help.

6-29 Business Travel 2

You no longer keep groceries at home

·         When you do find yourself at home, whenever that may be, you find that your pantry is entirely empty and your refrigerator has nothing by condiments in it. You’re not much of the cook-in type.

Your shampoo bottles are all travel-sized

·         What they call travel-size or single serving, you know only as shampoo, conditioner, and bar soap. They make them any bigger than this?

6-29 Business Travel 1

You’ve memorized the pre-flight safety presentation

·         You’re such a regular flyer that you’ve inadvertently memorized the pre-flight safety presentation… down to the hand gestures.

Your favorite app is Uber

·         You waste such precious little time in hailing a car that you’ve got Uber conveniently seated front and center in your phone’s dock, because time is of the essence!

6-29 Business Travel 3

You keep a close eye on your points

·         As a veteran business traveler, you’re more than just a little attentive to the status of your Club Carlson membership and frequent flyer miles.

You don’t remember your neighbors

·         You can’t remember the last time that you’ve even seen your neighbors, let alone spoken with them, and, when you do come home, you suspect that they might think that your home is being broken into… by you.

6-29 Business Travel 4

You’ve become something of a collector

·         You fancy yourself something of a collector, but your most cherished collection isn’t one of coins or baseball cards, but of your colorful and multilingual passport stamps. And you’re always looking forward to getting that next fresh ink.

You’re constantly mistaken for a local

·         No matter where you are – in the country, or even in the world – people are always mistaking you for a local, which is flattering, but a little frustrating sometimes.

6-29 Business Travel 5

You think room service is a home cooked meal

·         Your idea of a delicious, mouthwatering, home cooked meal is a tray of room service cuisine, still hot and brought right to your door.

You’re a pro at expense reimbursement

·         Depending on the length of the trip, you might bring along a separate briefcase just for all of your receipts, because expense reimbursement!

6-29 Business Travel 6

So, if you’re a tiny-soap-toting, extra-luggage-carrying, stranger-to-your-neighbors, then you might just be expert business travel incarnate. And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that! Travel on, international business people, and don’t stop until the job’s done!

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