How to Survive an Intercontinental Flight

Are you about to set off on a intercontinental flight? Are you less than confident how to ensure that the experience is not a complete nightmare? Here are some valuable tips on how to survive a intercontinental flight.

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Bring Snacks

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To make sure that you don’t starve to death over the course of your 10+ hour flight, it’s best to bring along a few snacks you know you can count on. A bag of your favorite jerky, some trail mix, and maybe even something to satisfy your sweet tooth ought to tide you over and sufficiently supplement your plane meal for the duration of the flight. For your consideration, it is important to note what the customs laws will and will not permit within their borders of your destination, so that you don’t wind up having to throw out an only half-eaten bag of your cherished trail mix.


Go Easy on the Carry-Ons

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While you may think that you’re doing yourself a favor by cramming everything you’re bringing into your carry-on and personal item, rather than checking your bags, a closer cost-benefit analysis may suggest otherwise. While no one enjoys waiting around the baggage carousel after a flight of any length, it truly does beat sitting with an over-stuffed backpack taking up 80% of your already limited legroom.


Dress Comfortably, Not Fashionably

Dress comfortably, not fashionably, because chances are, if you’re going to all the trouble of flying in an airplane over an ocean, the person/people you’re traveling that far to see love you, and you them, enough that they’ll forgive you for arriving in sweatpants and a favorite comfy  t-shirt. You may, however, have trouble forgiving yourself for wearing your skinny jeans and a leather jacket for the course of the flight.


Gear Up on Gizmos

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What kind of ‘gizmos’ are we talking about, you ask? Well, for starters, those ridiculous looking horseshoe-shaped neck pillows. Everyone thinks they’re silly, until, that is, you fly with one, and then there’s no looking back. Additionally, you may want to bring noise-cancelling headphones to stave off engine noise or infant shrieks, any of your iProducts that might help you pass the time, and even that oldest of gizmos: a book, which requires no reserve battery supply and that can usually take the average reader through even the longer flights.


Movies, Movies, Movies

In between your 4 or 5 non-consecutive 45 minute naps (6, if you’re lucky), you’ll want to try and watch a movie, preferably a long one, and something that will prove thoroughly captivating, like Braveheart. Whether you’re fortunate enough to enjoy the luxury of the in-headrest entertainment center, or you’re watching a movie on your tablet or computer, movies may just save you on your cross-continental flight.


To Aisle or to Window?

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Choose the aisle and you’ll be able to get up and go to the bathroom, or just stretch your legs any old time you want, but you’ll also be getting up and stretching your legs every time the people in your row need to get up, too. Opt for the window seat and, sure, you’ll have a view and an overrated place to rest your head, but, come nature’s call, you’ll be faced with the awkward confrontation of tapping a stranger on the shoulder to tell her that you need to go to the loo, and then tapping her once more to let her know that you, in fact, went to the loo. The choice is yours.


In summary, make yourself comfortable, prepare for the long hours ahead, and you’ll have no problem surviving your intercontinental flight!

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