5 Handy Tips for Air Travelers

Some people love flying, others just love how quickly it gets them to their destination. No matter your reason for taking to the skies, we believe there are ways to make it more enjoyable. Before you pack your bags, or even book that next flight, read these five air travel tips to make your trip a smooth one.

Airport Photo by Flickr user Go To Prayitno

1. Have an “In-flight” bag ready

We’ve all experienced waiting for someone to take their seat, but first they have to unpack all the various items they might want to access during the flight. Rather than being that person, plan ahead. Put whatever reading materials, electronic devices, writing utensils, and/or snacks in one convenient place. Once you board, reach to that one location, and you’re all set! No irritation necessary.

2. Spring for the airline lounge

Have a long layover in your future? See if your airline or airport offer day passes for their club. They can typically be purchased or acquired with reward points. Complimentary food and beverage are well-known perks, but these lounges also offer a less hectic way to pass the time, TVs that don’t just show the weather, and perhaps best of all, less crowded restrooms.

3. “Direct” isn’t the same as “Nonstop”

Though these terms are sometimes used interchangeably, mixing them up could add hours to your flight. Nonstop flights are exactly as they sound: your one stop is your destination. Direct flights, however, could have multiple stops between your departure and arrival city, but you’ll remain on the same plane no matter how many times it stops.

4. Load up on small toiletries

No one wants to be without their favorite toothpaste or shampoo while travelling. What separates the pros is getting more than just travel size items. Many pharmacies and specialty stores offer samples of prescription creams and cosmetics upon request. Stockpile these items and ensure you have a fully stocked vanity without worrying about large bottles and containers.

5. Make rewards work for you

Looking for deals to redeem points is a common practice when booking a flight, and there are deals a plenty on the redemption side. To truly maximize your points, look for bonus rewards to add to your point total. Bonus tip – stack up on your reward points by staying at a Carlson Rezidor hotel and booking with one of our promotions.

Whether you’re hopping on a plane for business or pleasure, these tips should help make the experience turbulence-free. Do you have a tip to share? Let us know in the comments.

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